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Diesel particulate filters (DPFs) are designed to remove particulate matter in diesel exhaust. In a correctly operating vehicle, soot captured in the DPF is periodically burned off during normal operation. Engine wear, corrosion and combustion of engine lubricants result in ash accumulation in the filter. Over time this ash increases the backpressure on the engine, lowering the fuel efficiency. Complete, thorough removal of this ash is essential for operating efficiency of the engine as well as optimizing the length of time between service intervals.

Ash is the primary component that will gradually plug the filter. Under normal operating conditions ash will gradually build up in the filter at a lineal rate based on hours of operation. The build-up can be increased by type of lubricants used, condition of the engine, quality and type of diesel fuel and metallurgical design of the engine. On some engine/filter combinations the ash loading can go as long as 240,000 miles before enough ash has built up to require cleaning. Evidence suggests, however, that in our Western Canadian climate, the typical time period between cleanings is often much shorter.

Soot is the plugging that comes from unfavorable operating conditions. Low filter temperature, a bad injector, poor fuel or worn cylinder walls and rings can quickly cause soot built-up in the filter.

FSX has seen filter that are in good condition plug in one day due to an operating problem. A soot laden DPF is now the diagnostic tool mechanics use to indicate certain engine or fuel problems. The DPF has eliminated the ability to look at the exhaust stack as an indicator where to look for an operating problem.

Our staff will be happy to answer any questions about the DPF systems.

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